Lisab - Load Indicator System AB


By Bridge Diagnostics, Inc

• Cost-effective
• Installs in 5 minutes or less
• Reusable, lasts for >10 years
• Waterproof to 20ft (6 m)
• Industrial cable, custom lengths
• Standard millivolt output
• N.I.S.T traceable calibration

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The ST350 Strain Transducer has been designed to quickly and accurately measure strain on a variety of structures in harsh field environments. This 350Ω full Wheatstone bridge strain transducer is very accurate, rugged, and waterproof.   

The ST350 is a strain transducer used to evaluate live-load stresses on structures such as bridges, buildings, cranes, and amusement park rides. It is prewired to connect directly with data loggers, and is ideal for structural monitoring data acquisition systems.

Providing roughly 3.5 times the output of a typical foil strain gage, these reusable sensors are ideal for measuring live-load strain on structures and can be installed within minutes in all weather conditions. Over 30 years of experience have proven these units to be the gold standard for accurate field measurements. 

  • Dimensions

  • Specifications

    MODEL ST350
    CIRCUIT Full Wheatstone bridge with 4 active 350Ω strain gages
    EXCITATION VOLTAGE +1.0 to +10.0 Vdc
    OUTPUT mV level, ratiometric to Excitation Voltage
    STRAIN RANGE  ±4,000 µε (Calibrated to ±2,000 µε)
    TYPICAL SENSITIVITY ~500 με/mVout/Vin
    ACCURACY1 < ±1%
    EFFECTIVE GAGE LENGTH 3.0 in (76.2 mm) [Gage Extensions available for R/C structures]
    HOUSING Machined 6061 Aluminum Alloy
    CORROSION PROTECTION Hard Anodized Clear (MIL-A-8625 Type III)
    WEATHER PROTECTION Designed to exceed IP67
    Optional 100 ft (30 m), waterproofing available
    TEMPERATURE RATING2 -58° to +176 °F (-50° to +80 °C)