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By Mantracourt

• Mantracourt
• Configures any T24 telemetry module via USB
• Provides a USB gateway to a PC to laptop for logging data
• Powered from USB
• Up to 800 m (2,600 ft) range
• IP67 enclosure

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The T24-BSue is one of a range of base stations that are required for configuration and calibration of the T24 modular telemetry system. Base stations can also be used for data collection systems by making available the T24 wireless transmitter data over the USB interface.
The data sent by transmitter modules can be utilised by multiple receivers such as displays, handheld readers, analogue outputs, relay modules and computer interfaces. Receivers support common industrial power supplies and are available in robust IP rated enclosures with internal antennas optimised to give outstanding coverage. The T24-BSue is housed in an IP67 enclosure and has better coverage than the T24-BSu.
On Windows PCs the free T24 Toolkit is used to configure and calibrate the T24 modular telemetry system while the free T24 logging and visualisation software allows monitoring and data collection.