Lisab - Load Indicator System AB

Designs, manufactures and commercializes miniature wires and cables used in diverse applications.
Torque sensors, force sensors, load cells as well as the corresponding measured data evaluation units.
Wireless Sensor Networks, Load Cell Amplifiers & Indicators.
LORD MicroStrain® produces smart, embedded micro-displacement transducers, inertial sensors, and energy harvesting wireless sensor networks for monitoring the world around us.
Since 1962, Micro-Measurements has been a leading supplier of strain gages, instruments, and accessories for experimental stress analysis and precision transducers.

Our vision

We can help you find the right products for your measurement application.

R & D

Measurements are an important part of your product development.

Torque, force and pressure

We have the sensors to meet your needs.


Our markets is Sweden, Denmark, Norway and Finland.


LISAB has created a range of providers including strain gauges, position sensors, orientation sensors, force sensors, torque sensors and amplifiers to meet your needs. With years of knowledge / experience of many applications, we can help you to find a good solution to your measurement applications. We cover everything from simple products to ready measurement system. Our services include everything from consulting and hiring of amplifiers for training and installation of such strain gauges.

Ask us about:

  • Products

    In our product range you will find products from well known brands such as Vishay, Microstrain Lorenz Messtechnic, Futek, Andilog and Load Indicator. We also have a variety of specialty products.
  • Services

    We have the expertise to calculate, design and produce special products and prototypes, based on Strain Gauge, in collaboration with the customer or according to your needs.
  • Applications

    We can design and build a complete solution for your needs.

A selection of our customers:

Atlas Copco
Alfa Laval
MAN B&W Diesel
Astra Zeneca